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Math learning thrives on exploration, conversation, and reflection. Reveal Math® is a complete K–12 core math program built on contemporary academic research and designed so all your students can succeed in mathematics.

Reveal meaningful learning experiences

Derived from the latest research on how students learn best, Reveal Math is strategically designed to fuel active student engagementC and deepen conceptual understanding. This coherent, vertically aligned K–12 core math solution will help you uncover the mathematician in every student through productive struggle, rich tasks, inquiry opportunities, and mathematical discourseC.


Reveal a transformation in how students approach math

By encouraging curiosity, exploration, and a growth mindset, Reveal Math allows students to see math as a dynamic set of problem-solving strategies instead of the application of memorized algorithmic or computational procedures. This powerful paradigm shiftC allows students to learn the language of math and demonstrate their fluency all along the road towards standard mastery.


Reveal empowering, equitable, and effective differentiation

Reveal Math can empower by creating more equitable learning experiencesC. Whether you are in the classroom, teaching remotely, or utilizing a blended learning model — the purposeful technology and insightful instructional resources within Reveal Math will help you provide effective, multimodal differentiation and scaffolded support for students at every level.



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